Hello everyone, here is a short update on The Mark: 65 proxy shipments, some of which have been delayed slightly. This isn't a new update and is sort of old news now, but it's best to have this update posted in place people can see/reference regardless of the Discord community(ies) they are in.

As many have heard, some packages of products shipped to us were damaged, and a few other shipments were delivered to incorrect recipients. Again, this happened some time ago now and isn't a recent occurrence. While we ordered a significant amount of extra units to account for blemished units or damaged product, sadly the overwhelming majority of the damaged shipment (the entire box was damaged) was lower 5 degree back pieces. In a way it's lucky that it's a minor component but at the same time a very large amount of lower back pieces can fit in a single box and since the majority of orders opted to include a 5 deg piece instead of the 0 deg piece, it means that there is a lot of cases sitting around waiting for lower back pieces now.

We are unsure if the damage happened during transit or if it happened when DHL inspected the package. It's normal to have packages inspected and it happens frequently, but the poly carbonate is SO easy to scratch and rubbing against other poly carbonate will create scratches so if it's not repackaged perfectly or handled carefully it can render the entire box unsalable.

As for the few boxes that went to the incorrect recipients, we are trying to track them down but the truth is they are likely gone forever. Someone somewhere has some partial keyboard components they have no idea what to do with, which is sort of funny but creates a difficult situation for us. While we received and accounted for each individual shipment as they were progressively sent to us, many shipments were comprised of numerous parcels. In other words, a shipment can have 6 individual boxes sent in it, and while the shipment shows delivered, the courier sometimes only drops off 5 of the 6 boxes. Meaning, a single box is left out in the ether to be delivered at another time, and throughout the process a few of these individual packages were signed for by people who were NOT us. Even if we were able to spot this earlier on in the process of shipping, it really would not change the fact that they are gone forever (most likely). It is very hard to get packages back we have learned, especially during a time where contact-less delivery is the norm, and packages are often left on doorsteps or commercial bays without any contact or ID being checked. In the future we will be able to tighten up this process by requesting additional information about shipments from our manufacturer prior to them being sent, and also potentially just picking up shipments directly from the courier instead of waiting on shipments that are sometimes sent incomplete. Finally, we have learned that even though it isn't presented this way to us at the time of delivery, it is actually likely a very bad sign if a shipment isn't delivered in full. If a single box is missing in the courier's truck, it will now trigger a red flag for us. Even though we're told it's normal and it will arrive at a later date, we now think it's indicative of some issue with that box or it being missing or delivered (to someone else) already.

We have done whatever we are able to on our end to received some sort of compensation for the lost packages/damaged product, but it's a lengthy process and really for us it's just the cost of doing business. We of course won't make anyone wait until the claims process is over, and replacement product has already been ordered some time ago, and it is currently being manufactured. We expect to receive the product within the next few weeks and quickly combine them with the rest of the proxy's order that is ready to be shipped, and get them out the door. To be clear, overall it is a small portion of product that was actually damaged, but because it is integral to the board's assembly, it renders the other components we have on hand useless until the replacements arrive.

It's worth noting that it was NOT our intention to service only a portion of the community while making the rest wait. It was bad luck that the damaged box of lower back pieces was close to the last box of product we closely inspected. It is one thing to count the units while still wrapped, and another to completely unwrap and inspect them. In other words, we thought we had more than enough product to fulfill each order, but learned very late in the process that wasn't the case. The only way we are able to service such large volume of orders and shipments is to QC product WHILE getting it out the door. We have to QC and ship in tandem because we literally do not have the working space to QC and stage all the product and then ship them all at the same time. As we create piles of product, we have to get product out the door. Logistically this can't change for us until we get a considerably larger space to work in, then it would be possible for us to inspect and QC every single piece we receive and then ship out orders in a single batch instead of in waves, or at least in a smaller amount of waves.

Thanks for your understanding and reset assured that your proxy will receive the entirety of their order in full and very soon.

Quinn and Cole Boardsource.xyz