Modulus 40

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Modulus 40

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The Modulus 40 is a new take on what a keyboard can be. The name refers to its modular capabilities and its 40% layout. With the Modulus 40, you aren't stuck to a single feature or setup, instead, you can have Encoders today, OLEDs tomorrow, and artisan display areas/macro keys wherever you please.

Currently, we are working on implementing "standard" keyboard features to the Modulus 40 design, such as encoders, macro keys, and OLED screens. The idea is that these features and "plates" can be configured any way you want on your keyboard. The plates are interchangeable left to right, and we plan on bringing a wide variety of plates to market alongside this keyboard. The fun really starts when you begin to think outside the box about non-standard keyboard components. I won't spoil all the fun for now, so I will save some of those surprises for later.

The modularity doesn't stop at the top plates, the Modulus 40 will feature both 40% staggered main plates as well as 40% ortho main plates so you can even customize the layout of the main keyboard bay. We will experiment with as many 40%-ish layouts as possible and try to bring the most popular to market as configuration options.

Our design philosophy was inspired by the desire to have a single keyboard that could be updated, added on to, and customized without buying entirely new parts each time. The Modulus 40 allows you to continue to build upon a system instead of starting anew each time.

Proposed Prototype Order: June 20th, 2020 Potential GB Date: August 15th, 2020


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Community Input

  • Chassis Height: 12mm
  • Chassis Width :280
  • Chassis Length:174
  • 40% Layout
  • Modular swappable upper plates offering unique features
  • Different keyboard layouts (staggered, ortho, ect)
  • Tons of customization
  • Open source upper plate design

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Modulus 40
Modulus 40
Modulus 40
Modulus 40
Modulus 40
Modulus 40