The Mark: 65

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Case by boardsource

The Mark: 65

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The Mark: 65 is a no compromise 65% keyboard designed and produced by Boardsource. The keyboard is constructed from 3 separate pieces, each coming together to form a sandwich case with a gasket mounted plate.. Our fully assembled SMT PCB included in all of The Mark: 65’s kits is hot swap compatible allowing you to easily change out your switches as your tastes change or new switches are released. The back of The Mark: 65 features individually addressable and programmable LEDs diffused by the frosted polycarbonate allowing beautiful light to pass through. When the RGB lighting is turned on, the interlocking design of the separate pieces ensure no light escapes from any seam. All components come together to create a beautiful, minimal, and feature-rich product offered at a competitive $250 (USD) price point.

Base kits for The Mark: 65 include an anodized aluminum top and bottom (front) piece in silver, grey, or black, and a flat rear portion made from machined frosted polycarbonate. Plates included in the base kits are matching anodized aluminum (gold if full PC). The base kit is also available in a full frosted polycarbonate variant, allowing even more diffused RGB to be visible from the bottom half. If RGB isn’t your thing, the polycarbonate version offers a unique view into the inner components of the keyboard.

The Mark: 65 also offers a few optional upgrades allowing the end-user to configure their keyboard to better fit their own personal preferences. All plates are available in spring-leaf variants to allow for an even softer and bouncier typing experience paired with the gasket mount. If flat keyboards aren’t comfortable for you and you prefer a tilt, a separate rear back piece is offered with additional material allowing for a 5° tilt. Finally, if you prefer the weight and sound of a solid brass plate you will be able to purchase one alongside The Mark: 65 during the GB phase.

Price: $250 USD All Base Kits


Canada - Deskhero China -zFrontier EU - Mechboards Japan - YushaKobo Oceania - DailyClack Singapore -iLumKB United States -

GB Dates: Late September to Late October

Potential Delivery Date for US Customers: Early December

Prototypes for all cases are on the way and are expected in 2.5 weeks! The first prototype PCB is completed and functional, and we are currently awaiting final prototypes.


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Project Updates

The Mark: 65 GB is LIVE!!!

Sidenote: We will not be spamming your email throughout the GB, we just want to send important notifications, we will only send one additional email a few days prior to the GB closing. The Mark: 65 GB is LIVE!!! We are so excited to announce that The Mark: 65 is now officially in GB stage available for purchase and will remain open until October 27th. We have worked on this project for a very long time, let me tell you that it is a unique and truly amazing feeling to create a product that so many people are excited for. To see The Mark: 65 grow from a concept to a product and to experience support and positivity throughout the process has been extremely fulfilling. ⁠ ⁠ View all the details, options, colors, pricing and updated photos on our website!⁠ We are working with amazing proxies on this project, check out our listing on to see the list and find a proxy close to you!⁠ ⁠ USA:⁠ Canada: DeskHero China: zFrontier EU/UK: Japan: Yusha Kobo Oceania: Daily Clack Singapore: iLumKB NOTE: Proxies will be making their pages live and available within the next 24 hours if it isn’t already up. It is a challenge to launch simultaneously with the time changes, etc. The GB is unlimited so remember there is PLENTY of time to get what you need from the appropriate proxy. ⁠ If you fall in the middle of a few of the proxies or maybe none apply to you, ask in Discord and we can help you out! Remember, the GB format is unlimited so there is no rush here! Everyone who wants one can get one :D⁠ Thank you very much! - Cole and Quinn

The Mark: 65 GB Goes Live in Just 2 Days! Oct 7th - 27th

Hello everyone! You are receiving this update because you entered the IC form and followed The Mark: 65 project on We wanted to reach out and let you know that we have had a very successful IC and few weeks leading up to GB, we have more followers on this project than we ever imagined we would, and it is shaping up to look like an incredibly successful GB, thank you. The Mark: 65 GB will be live and available for purchase at 10AM PST October 7th and proxies will make their listings live fairly close to that time. We have incorporated a few edits and improvements to the case and PCB along the way, the PCB has considerably more layout support now than when we started and it was due to IC feedback that those changes were made, so again, thank you very much! If you are a US customer we look forward to servicing your order between October 7th and 27th, and if you are an international customer with a proxy close by then check out the individual proxy websites sometime on the 7th -- we will have them all listed on our page and you can follow the direct links then. You can check out the new listing for The Mark: 65 product at the link below, we have real product photos and some more updated/pertinent information about the GB. The proxy links aren’t updated yet because not all proxies have created their page, and also the item shows Out of Stock on our website because it is not yet live (it will go live the 7th). Thanks again for your interest, support, and for helping make Boardsource’s products a huge success. Sincerely, Quinn and Cole

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Community Input

  • 65% Layout
  • 326mm x 112mm x 22mm
  • Mass: 610g
  • Gasket mount plate
  • Assembled SMT PCB
  • Hot swap compatible PCB
  • Split space compatible (2.25U, 1.25U, 2.75U)
  • 5° tilt (optional)
  • RGB under glow
  • QMK compatible

Project Photos

The Mark: 65
The Mark: 65
The Mark: 65
The Mark: 65
The Mark: 65
The Mark: 65
The Mark: 65
The Mark: 65
The Mark: 65
The Mark: 65
The Mark: 65