5x12 Ortho

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5x12 Ortho

In Stock

5x12 ortholinear -- for when just really don't want to give up your number row. The 5x12 ortholinear keyboard is a common ortholinear layout that many people prefer because it includes a number row. Made popular by Jack's Preonic from OLKB, the 5x12 ortholinear layout is a great option for those who want to try ortholinear but feel they aren't ready to make the jump to a 40%. The 5x12 Ortho is an approachable keyboard with hotswap compatibility.






Kit Available

Diode (TH),

MX Hot Swap Sockets,

Pro Micro,

Black FR4 5x12 Ortho Case ,

Elite-C (v4),

Assembly Service,

Mx Switches,

USB Cable

  • 5x12 layout
  • Ortholinear layout
  • QMK support
  • MX hotswap compatible
  • Solder-in switch compatible
Kit Options
  • Case: Screws, standoffs
  • PCB: reset switch
  • Diode (TH)
  • MX Hot Swap Sockets
  • Pro Micro
  • Black FR4 5x12 Ortho Case (including needed screws and covers)
  • Elite-C (v4)
  • Assembly Service
  • Mx Switches
  • USB Cable

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5x12 Ortho