Microdox Bud

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Microdox Bud

In Stock

The Microdox Bud is a premium aluminum case for our first in-house designed split keyboard, the Microdox. Machined from aluminum in four distinct colors, the case beautifully wraps the plate creating a minimal and sleek design. Compatible with current Microdox PCBs, current Microdox users only need to replace their plates in order to utilize the new case, and users may select from seven different plate colors ensuring builds match any desk setup, keycap set, or other color preferences.

The Microdox PCB is is a feature-packed 30% split columnar staggered keyboard. Even though the Microdox is an extremely small keyboard it offers tons of features from larger boards while maintaining a tiny footprint. Features include MX/Choc hotswap support, OLED support, and RGB underglow. Additionally, you get to choose whichever switch you want to use since the Microdox is compatible with MX, Choc v1, or Choc v2 switches.

The Bud is available in standard Boardsource anodization colors, Charcoal, Space Grey, and Silver, and features a new anodization color “Abyss” special for this product. Abyss is an extremely dark and deep blue/green color which served as inspiration throughout this project. We are extremely happy with the end product, and feel it is the case and final touch the Microdox has deserved for so long.

Each Bud ships with custom packaging, aluminum case halves, a pair of plates, a pair of acrylic covers, and all necessary assembly hardware. At launch, Charcoal and Abyss aluminum will ship with black plates and hardware, and Space Grey and Silver aluminum will ship with white plates and silver hardware.

FR4 cases are still available for the Microdox and will continue to be stocked. They are still inside the Bud’s configurator. As most customers will opt for the aluminum Microdox Bud case we felt it was best to include FR4 cases in this listing instead of confuse users with two separate listings including the name ‘Microdox.’

Yellow, Blue, and Red Microdoxen offer PCB art on the backplates, be sure to check them out in the Product's gallery!


  • There is a Bud Deskmat coming, we are currently waiting to receive the shipment. Shipping by sea has been difficult lately and delays have been occurring. It is impossible for us to know exactly when it will arrive. Customer’s who purchase a Bud prior to the deskmat being available for purchase will receive a $5 off coupon for the deskmat.
  • FR4 CASE ONLY: Due to the exposed FR4 on some of the PCB art, certain colors will contain factory marking that are visible in some areas. This is especially noticeable on the yellow, although generally one half is “clean”.






Kit Available

LED (SK6812 Mini),

Pro Micro,

OLED Screen-S,

Diode (SMD),

Diode (TH),

Choc Hot Swap Sockets,

MX Hot Swap Sockets,

Elite-C (v4),

TRRS Cable,

Assembly Service,

Mx Switches,

USB Cable,

Choc Robin,


  • 3x5 Layout
  • Split Keyboard
  • Columnar Stagger
  • MX Hotswap Compatible
  • Choc Hotswap Compatible
  • Choc V1 and V2 Compatible
  • OLED Support
  • RGB LED Underglow
  • QMK Support
Kit Options
  • Case: Screws and Standoffs
  • Black/Abyss Case: Black Plates/Hardware
  • Space Grey/Silver Case: White Plates/Silver Hardware
  • LED (SK6812 Mini)
  • Pro Micro
  • OLED Screen-S
  • Diode (SMD)
  • Diode (TH)
  • Choc Hot Swap Sockets
  • MX Hot Swap Sockets
  • Elite-C (v4)
  • TRRS Cable
  • Assembly Service
  • Mx Switches
  • USB Cable
  • Choc Robin
  • Purpz

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Microdox Bud
Microdox Bud
Microdox Bud
Microdox Bud
Microdox Bud
Microdox Bud
Microdox Bud
Microdox Bud
Microdox Bud
Microdox Bud
Microdox Bud
Microdox Bud
Microdox Bud
Microdox Bud
Microdox Bud
Microdox Bud
Microdox Bud
Microdox Bud
Microdox Bud