MBK Low Pro Keycaps

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MBK Low Pro Keycaps

In Stock

Low profile keycaps are hard to find but thankfully MBK Keycaps exist, an extremely high quality and beautiful option offered at a very fair price. MBK Keycaps feature a scooped top to maximize comfort while typing, and smooth curves around the edges to ensure you easily find the right key. The 1U and 1U Homing keys incorporate the flat but scooped design allowing for an extremely comfortable typing experience, while the 1.5U and 2U are convex to allow for optimal use in thumb cluster areas or as space bars. We are extremely thankful MBK exists and use it on all of our low profile keyboards.

Sold In Sets:

  • 1U Sold in Packs of 10
  • 1U Homing Sold in Packs of 2
  • 1.5U Sold in Packs of 2
  • 2u Sold in Packs of 2

Raw ABS caps are a new offering by the designers of MBK, these are a translucent cap with a glossy/smooth finish and feel.

Another new offering we are testing from the MBK team are the MBK HOLO caps made using ABS blanks. These caps are hydrodipped with a special holographic film and then a clear protective film is applied on top.

Note: Raw 1.5u are only available in concave profiles ( like the 1U caps ) and are not convex like a space bar profile.

Note: Due to the manufacturing process for MBK HOLO, there are a number of defects which may be present in the caps:

  • Gaps/inconsistencies in the coating
  • Extra paint/film on the keycap's edge leading to bumps/ripples
  • Protective film may peel
  • Some cap's stems may be thicker than others due to the paint or coating

We understand the potential issues with MBK HOLO are far from ideal. We want to test the product and we were also curious to see them for ourselves since we have seen photos of them. We ordered a relatively small amount of MBK HOLO and we are unsure whether or not we will continue to stock them due to the issues listed above. Please understand we are not in control of this product but just want to offer it to customers while it is available.



keycap Set



Kit Available

MBK 1u Pack,

MBK 1u Homing Pack,

MBK 1.5u Pack,

MBK 2u Pack

  • (1U/Homing) 17.5x16.5mm
  • (1.5U) 26.5x16.5mm
  • (2U) 35.5x16.5mm
  • Material: PBT
  • Scooped top with rounded edges
  • Homing keys designed with a tactile ridge that your fingertips will recognize instantly
Kit Options
  • MBK 1u Pack
  • MBK 1u Homing Pack
  • MBK 1.5u Pack
  • MBK 2u Pack

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MBK Low Pro Keycaps
MBK Low Pro Keycaps
MBK Low Pro Keycaps
MBK Low Pro Keycaps
MBK Low Pro Keycaps
MBK Low Pro Keycaps
MBK Low Pro Keycaps
MBK Low Pro Keycaps
MBK Low Pro Keycaps
MBK Low Pro Keycaps