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Want to use a display on your keyboard, but don't like the significant battery draw that usually comes with it? There's a solution now: using the nice!view by Nice Technologies, you can make use of a highly efficient Memory-in-Pixel (commonly referred to as E-Ink) display by Sharp in a convenient form-factor.

It boasts a 30Hz refresh rate while drawing comparable power to an E-Ink display. And with a resolution of 160 x 68 pixels in a 1.08" display, there's plenty of space to go around!

You can use the display for anything, from displaying the battery, connection, layer and lock statuses, to displaying graphs and animations.

NOTE: This display is not a plug and play drop-in replacement for OLED displays. You can make it work with OLED footprints by following this guide, more and more PCBs will be coming out with the nice!view specific footprpint soon. Due to this, nice!view is not available for Soldering Service.



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Kit Available
  • Sharp LS011B7DH03 display
  • 3.3V voltage
  • 3-wire SPI protocol
  • <10uA typical power draw
  • 30Hz refresh rate
  • 36x14x2.9mm dimensions
  • 160x68 Pixel Resolution
  • 1.08" Diagonal Size
  • Socket and pins included
  • Conformal coat to reduce the possibility of shorts

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